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Venetian Harbour

Only half an hour away from Plakias where Rethymno city life is vibrant, or where the historical sites coexist with the modern city.

This beautiful harbor was built by the Venetians around 1300 AD and it's still in use in our day. For many centuries it has been a commercial center and a traditional meeting place for people from around the world. A lighthouse, still standing today, guided the commercial and military ships to moor in the harbor's calm waters during the long and turbulent history of the city. Today, the harbor has something for every visitor. Whether you love long romantic walks by the sea, or you prefer to taste the Cretan cuisine and nightlife, the Venetian Harbor is the place to be.


Not only its Venetian heritage, it is a lively city that thrives and moves on with fast paces to the future. Moreover, being in the center of Crete, it is the best spot to plan your next adventure around the island.